Nursery (N1)

Nursery (N2)

Junior Kindergarten (K1)

Senior Kindergarten (K2)


*Small Student to teacher ratio - 4:1 (max 6)

"Always within reach of teachers" - To ensure quality in knowledge & care.

* Take note our knowledge sharing & learning will include Primary school syllabus intregrated into all the stages of the preschool learning in Singapore.


We set the force that propels your child in the learning journey.Our goal is to prepare your child for eventual self-directed learning.

Elementary School Programs

Tailored to meet every individual child ability level.

Our Preschool syllabus prepares your child for the 6yrs of primary school journey in Singapore. Our Mini Harvards Kids will be well ahead due to our customised focused and effective teaching.

Daily After 7 pm care

Now you do not need to worry about any weekdays evening obligations. If you are coming after 7 pm your child will automatically be placed on an enrichment program and active agility program with dinner provided.


Example of enrichment activities:


+ Further Mathematics & Science Literacy

+ Readers Theatre
+ Book Club
+ Creative Story Telling 
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Special Talents programs

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Weekends & Enrichment Programs

Education and Recreation

Weekends we are here to further enhance your child to the next level. These are a flexible weekend program for the ever hungry learners focusing on Science, Technology & Mathematics.


+ Electronics, Robotics & Drone

+ Physical World
+ Chemical World
+ Biological World



Value-Added Programs (VAP)

Value-added programs are provided throughout the curriculum regardless of weekday or weekend.

VAP areas include Bilingual language, Ethics, Environment, Science, Technology, the list is not exhaustive.


21st Century Education

Creativity & Innovation

Creativity, inquiry, experimentation, collaboration problem solving, and innovation are at the heart of 21st century learning.


Today economies are shifting, and the new models are ones of learning and innovation, of entrepreneurship, of creativity, and of global collaboration.


Creativity relies on tenuous experimentation, and imagination. It develops with patient uncertainty and often arises mysteriously when least expected. Creativity cannot be summoned forth, or forced, but emerges when the conditions and the context are supportive and nurturing.


Twenty-first century learning is interactive and dialogic. Building an experiential sense and involvement in the community of life develops awareness of how we are connected, interdependent, and intertwined, undoing an individualistic, competitive, isolating feel for the world.

(Fullan & Langworthy ,n.d)

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