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We believe that every child has its own potential and learning capability hence we follow a customised approach to ensure no one is left behind in the learning journey.

Being founded by a parent who is an educator and sends their own child to learn at Mini Harvards @ Namly you can rest assured of the highest quality of care and delivery of knowledge. The whole team of Mini Harvards is made up of educators ranging from infant, preschool level, primary school level, secondary school level right up to tertiary level. You can ensure the spectrum of learning incorporated in the curriculum which prepares your child for the future ahead of time.


Our syllabus is not only focusing on "A,B,C 1,2,3" but we have re-engineered and integrated the curriculum to teach higher-value knowledge to prepare your child for lifelong learning.


Mini Harvards builds a good foundation that prepares your child for a smooth transition to primary, secondary right up to tertiary education. 


Our core goal is to make your child realize that learning eventually can be a self-directed activity using resources available wisely, to enhance ownself continuously.

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About our philosophy

We believe in open access education and knowledge is freely shared no matter what the age is. We are ready to deliver as long as you deliver your child to us.


At Mini Harvards the parent-teacher partnership is an on-going, collaborative effort to ensure that your child receives a quality pre-school education and upbringing.

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