Where Future meets Present - Mini Harvards Preschool at Namly Bukit Timah will lay a strong foundation to secure the future of your child. 

 Our Preschool's customized learning helps to discover your child's potential. 

We are Strategic Educational Partner of

Moppeteers Preschool which already has

 8 centres in Singapore.


How it all began

MINI HARVARDS at NAMLY, Bukit Timah Singapore was set up to close the gap for Preschoolers to Primary school. Most preschools are good but they do not prepare exactly, for what is needed for a preschooler to make the smooth leap to Primary school and also future independent learning, all the way up to tertiary education. Even premium top notch preschools in Singapore is not exactly in line with the expectation of the future skills and knowledge required.


Mini Harvard's children are taught efficiently & effectively with multiple methods to deliver content across. From Mini Harvard's Research we have realized the importance of proper materials, correct process and procedures, using these we are able to eliminate learning curve for children and unlock every child's potential.

Mini Harvards Childcare has also discovered, using multiple intelligence approach and various methodology, a child is able to absorb knowledge and social skills. A Mini Harvards child may even exceed adult knowledge most of the time.

Mini Harvards understands that every hour passing by, the child is being developed well and efficient knowledge is being transferred to your beloved child. Unlike other preschool/childcare, all our activities and even speech are scientifically choreographed to ensure your child is absorbing the right content in an optimal manner at all times.


At Mini Harvards preschool we are constantly improving, innovating and researching in delivery methods. The child's future is part in parent's hand and part in the educators/schools hands Mini Harvards  Namly (Bukit Timah beside Sunshine Kindergarten & Think Tank Tuition Centre).

Mini Harvards's kids clearly stand out from the crowd and will build the future of the World. Foundation once set correctly, last a lifetime. 

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In The


“Children are born ready to learn …They are wired from the beginning to learn, and they’re wired to experience and to master the world around them.” 

Shonkoff, 2005

“I want my children to understand the world, but not just because the world is fascinating and the human mind is curious. … An important part of that understanding is knowing who we are and what we can do.”


Howard Gardner, 1999

“Our children should be properly introduced to the world in which they live.”

Thomas Berry, N.D

Child Future


The future learning begins at Mini Harvards.   Secure your child's future with Mini Harvards.

 Small class size of 1:4 to ensure focus, care, attention and effective delivery.


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